The electronic ambient project "Carinthia", named after the southern province Jorgensen fondly calls home, encompasses the expression of unadulterated beauty found in nature and the peaceful undercurrent of a steady and often unrealized hope accomplished through the medium of piano and guitar-driven melodies, frequently accompanied by raw field recordings. His fascination for rhythmic and aural textures led him to experiment in a wide range of musical stylings, eventually landing him at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he majored in music and percussion. As sole composer and engineer, Jorgensen has his hand over the entire creative process. Incorporating commonplace samplings to create rhythms and textures, Carinthia realizes an organic feel through every piece.

Seaming vast mountains, forests, and seas with soft melodies and organic rhythms, Daniel Jorgensen’s fascination for instrumental music across a variety of genres surfaces in his ever evolving musical compositions, including in his most notable moniker, Carinthia. Daniel grew up in a southern province in Austria where he spent his childhood between its valleys and hills. Since then, Daniel has waded his hand in a wide spectrum of music. He began playing drums in middle school under the musical direction of his father, also a musician. Over the next few years he progressively picked up piano, guitar, and began dabbling in the world of composition - eventually majoring in music and percussion at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota, Since then, Daniel has composed and provided music for commercials, documentaries, and feature films, released albums under several monikers, and worked extensively as touring musician and music director for local and platinum-selling artists.

His guiding undercurrent is found in the truth of simply offering back what he has already been given. Knowing that just as the tide meets the shore; it will surely fall back again to join the sea. The capability for music to voice this story has been Daniel's attempt to tie it all together.


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    Composer | Multi-Instrumentalist | Performer | Music Director
    Helios, Sigur Ros, Boards of Canada, Hammock
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Far Blue FellLeaving The Night Behind UsPlay →
Grow Infant HopeLeaving The Night Behind UsPlay →
Come Now, Let Us LeaveAll My Fountains Are In YouPlay →
Across the Land of MiraclesAll My Fountains Are In YouPlay →
SelahAll My Fountains Are In YouPlay →


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Glistening guitars, subtle bass lines, looping organic beast, rich synth pads, and delicate piano fragments all combine effortlessly in his songs.

— Tiny Mix Tapes (Sep 22, 2010)

The music won't disappoint: composer and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Jorgensen has dreamed up some concisely evolving lengthy instrumentals drenched in dreamy atmospherics.

— The Japan Times (Feb 8, 2011)

#29 of 100 top Albums of 2010!

— Textura (Dec 31, 2010)

It's telling that Daniel Paul Jorgensen's Carinthia album, All My Fountains Are In You, was mastered by none other than Keith Kenniff (aka Goldmund and Helios), as Jorgensen's material exudes a lush and entrancing character that's quite a bit like Helios's. Imagine, if you will, Helios and Slow Dancing Society crossed with the instrumental uplift of Sigur Rós and you'll have some idea of the beautiful material presented on Jorgensen's full-length debut. Moments even arise where one almost expects Jonsi's voice to appear until one remembers it's a Carinthia recording that's playing and not one by Sigur Rós. The album's nine harmonious settings unfold leisurely, with pianos, guitars (acoustic and electric), wordless choirs, organ, glockenspiel, and shimmering ambient washes ably supported by delicate beat structures and augmented with subtle electronic treatments and an occasional outdoors field recording (the rain-soaked “The Gentle Deep,” for example). The plaintive piano melodies coursing through “Dove On Distant Oaks” feel like they're shrouded in mist and resounding next to a country stream. Few shadows darken Carinthia's door as the album delivers one dreamy chord progression after another (“Selah” and “I Am With You Always” two examples of many) with piano the stately melodic voice typically leading the way. How appropriate it is that Jorgensen named his project Carinthia, not because it's titled after a southern province in Austria but because it's a place where where he spent his childhood. As such, the recording often exudes a wistful and nostalgic warmth that bespeaks cherished memories of days long past. Electronic ambient music of the quietly rapturous kind, All My Fountains Are In You is soul-stirring music of the stream and valley, the sky and forest.

— Textura (Nov 10, 2010)