Do more with your Jivewired Digital One Sheet™

  • Customize the design of your Jivewired Digital One Sheet™
  • Upload Photos of you and your band
  • Add Videos of concerts & tracks
  • Feature Your Music in the player
  • List Events & Gigs in the calendar
  • List member Bios & Discography

About the Jivewired Digital One Sheet™

The Jivewired Digital One Sheet™ is your band's electronic resume as well as a powerful and cutting-edge cache of promotion. You set it up in minutes thanks to our easy DIY format. Each Jivewired Digital One Sheet™ adapts seamlessly to the individual user. Your Jivewired Digital One Sheet™ features only the content you choose, that means no blank pages; just a clean, one-page design that fits your needs. You even get a vanity URL for free.

Our design team has injected a shot of attitude along with a touch of elegance to make your personal presentation pitch-perfect. It is our ongoing mission to continually upgrade and support the Jivewired Digital One Sheet™ platform and it's design and functionality. The result? As well as giving you an empowering arsenal with which to promote yourselves, you will remain on the cutting edge of industry standards.

Tired of the expense and lack of notoriety associated with the traditional press kit? For the cost to produce and mail one physical press kit (or a caffeinated beverage at the local coffee house) you can exponentially increase your chances of getting noticed.

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