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We R Local Music started as an upstart, not so politically correct internet based podcast out of Greensboro, NC. It was clear once we began to interview local bands in and around North Carolina, as well as the regional and national acts touring through the state, that we wanted to do more for the music scene. So we are actively working to put together local and regional music conferences to help smaller market bands learn how to navigate the music business more effectively. We are also in the process of putting together multiple music festivals all across the east coast in order to bring awareness to the great musical talent that is out there. If you want to help us in our quest to better the local music scene in your hometown or region hit us up. Hell, if you are in a band that wants to become media whores and use us for our podcast, hit us up and we will see if we can set-up an interview. Email us your links and social media pages so we can help spread the word about you. Send us your EP or Album and we will do a honest review, based on our opinions. If you send us your stuff and don't see us spreading the word it is one of two things; First, we may be VERY busy and just behind on getting it out there for you, so show some patience or we just think you SUCK and do not want to be associated with you. Either way, we will still get around to talking about you and sharing your shit. You just have to wait to see which end you are on, lol.


  • Shane Eller
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    Radio Personality and Producer
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    Iron Maiden, The Cult, BBKing
  • William Lineback
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    Radio Personality and Producer
  • The Pit Unsigned
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    Local Music Scene
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    Making Kickass Custom Guitars



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The first album review I ever put together at The Pit Unsigned was for the band Raimée. They were also one of the first bands I started covering. So you can imagine how excited I was when I seen that We R Local Music ,the best Interview Company on the globe, sat down with them and put together another exciting episode. Shane Eller and William Emory Lineback have become superstars in the scene and for good reason. They are the best I have heard and I am so glad to sponsor them.

— Brian Hatchell from The Pit Unsigned (Oct 26, 2014)