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After nearly a year of touring and releasing their first studio LP album, Dulce et Decorum Est, War Poets are back in the studio working on their new LP. This time, acclaimed Grammy-winning producer Joe Baldridge from Nashville has joined up with the band.

They are recording in Nashville, at John Richardson's (Gin Blossoms drummer) Drum Farm Studio in Menomonie, WI, and once again with Kevin Bowe producing at Okemah Studios in Minneapolis. The new album will be released probably in February of 2014 and will, of course, include songs about today's important topics. This time songs about USA gun violence, income inequality, Native American rights, aging and dying, and other topics are included.

Ariel Hyatt from New York and Jennifer Yeko from LA have joined the War Poets' PR team. Ariel's company, CyberPR, specializes in social media. Jennifer's company, True Talent Management, is a traditional PR firm dedicated to getting the word out.

Despite working in the studio, War Poets are still gigging, playing locally and doing short regional and national tours.

War Poets was named by band members Jenny Case and Rex Haberman in conjunction with songwriter Matt Kirkwold. Influenced by legends like Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and Bruce Springsteen, these 3 musicians combined to write the majority of the 17 songs on their self released debut album, Dulce et Decorum Est. The songs tell stories of socially important issues in rock and ballad styles, and were produced by Kevin Bowe in Minneapolis and Stephen McKnight in Philadelphia.

Both AAA and college radio picked up on the momentum generated by the band's first video, Close Enough (>250,000 You Tube views). Close Enough, Don't Look Back, Dominica's Been Sent, and Deep Blue are examples of songs played on North American radio.

The band's United States tour included playing venues and events such as Whisky A Go Go on Los Angeles' Sunset Strip, The National Underground in New York's Lower East Side, and several large national festivals (in Austin, NYC for example).

Multiple TV and film licenses have been obtained. All 17 songs in both instrumental and full versions have been accepted.


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