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Rock, Alternative, Pop, Folk, Contemporary
Milwaukee, WI

Tony Memmel

**Nominated for four RadioMilwaukee Music Awards** (Nov. 2012)
--Album of the Year
--Solo Artist of the Year
--Best Live Show
--Best Album Artwork
**Performed at the Louisiana Superdome, in New Orleans, for National Youth Gathering (July 2012)
**Counting Crows Cover Song Contest Winner- Selected by the band themselves (Apr. 2012)
**Boston Globe "Critic's Pick" (Sept. 2011)
** "Be on the lookout for great things from this bright young artist" (2011)
**Champion, Lizard Lounge Singer-Songwriter FINAL SHOWDOWN (Cambridge, MA) (2010)
**#1 Ranked Americana Artist in Milwaukee - Reverbnation (2011-present)
**Two-Time Winner, Lizard Lounge Singer-Songwriter Competition (Cambridge, MA) (2009, 2010)
**Nominee, Shepherd Express - Acoustic Musician of The Year, Best Guitarist, Best Male Vocalist (2011)
**Keynote Speaker and performer for Society's Assets Disabilities Awareness Banquet. (2011)
**"Amazing!" NBC's 'The Morning Blend' (2011)
**Hailed as "Can't miss act" at Milwaukee's Summerfest Festival by Inside Milwaukee (2011)

Tony Memmel is a songwriter and performer with unique charisma and creativity. He was born missing his left forearm and taught himself to play the guitar, piano and harmonica. It is my contention that if you heard a song of Tony’s on the radio or on one of his albums and were not aware of his being an amputee, you would never know the difference at all. In fact, many people are often shocked to learn of it and/or don’t even notice at his live shows until he wipes the sweat from his face with the two characteristic arm bands that he wears on his left bicep.

But, Memmel is not one to try to sell you on his handicap alone. His music most definitely stands on its own. It is catchy, without sacrificing sincerity, and his lyrics are personal and real. Memmel earned a Bachelor’s degree in music and is a classically trained and acclaimed vocalist. He has gained a loyal following and support from fans and musicians alike in the Midwest, the Country, and even the World.

Memmel has toured extensively and is working to build a genuine grassroots following that will no doubt carry him far into the future. He is steadily making a name for himself in such places as Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Dallas.

He’s been featured in the Boston Globe and Chicago Tribune, was selected as a Grand-Prize winner in a Counting Crows cover contest by The Counting Crows themselves, and was recently honored to take first place in a prestigious singer-songwriter competition, in Boston. He’s sold over 1,000 CD’s and t-shirts, out of his trusty brown leather suitcase, to a growing national fan-base.

It may sound trite, but in this case trite is just plain accurate - Tony Memmel has a work ethic, talent, and personality that you simply do not see every day. It doesn’t fit to say it’s the beginning, as Memmel has accomplished more in his life with one hand than I have with two. Get on board now, as many already have, and be on the lookout for great things from this bright young artist.

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... be on the lookout for great things from this bright young artist

— (Sep 1, 2011)

Critic's Pick

— Boston Globe (Sep 29, 2011)

"I love the vocal treatment, technically, musically, and just emotionally It makes it very personal. The melodic choices do that too. The outro is brilliant. Waiting that long in the song to come with the kick drum makes it kinda devastating. Restraint is tough at moments like that but it's a good choice. Makes you ache for it."

— Adam Duritz (Lead Singer/Frontman of the Counting Crows) (Apr 16, 2012)

**Nominated for four RadioMilwaukee Music Awards** -Album of the Year -Solo Artist of the Year -Best Live Show -Best Album Artwork

— Radio Milwaukee 88Nine (Nov 20, 2012)