Stephen Monroe

The guitar and I have had a great time together. Me and my acoustic are the really closely bonded through the fingers and strings. I play solo these days but it wasn't like that in the beginning of this strange little journey I am on. I was a string bean in Junior High when I got to hang with my 2 older brothers in their band THE SHADES. I went to practices, to gigs, I eve got up on "Satisfaction" to play drums! That pretty much did me in.
I picked up my big brothers bass guitar and turned on the Hi-Fi to learn the bass parts. I basically did that for the next 20 years or so. My first band was right out of high school and I've been at it ever since, one way or another.
After playing out the bass player in the band portion of my life, I tried to quit but that old acoustic I had been playing with my buddy on the side came out front. I had been writing songs from the beginning and eventually, my bands had started playing them. When I left that behind I started writing my introspectively and it all started in church. Next came a duo with my old buddy, a duo trio with a female friend that I worked with. We wrote together too. Once that all fell away, I figured I had a burn that was different than most other people and it was good enough for me to pursue this trail alone.
That's when Stephen Monroe emerged.
Here I am. Persuing my passion. Playing for folks and still having the time of my life!! I respect the audience that I have. I want to ALWAYS do my best. I want to play the best I can and bring a fairly unique experience. There are a lot of great players out there and I just want a seat on the bus.
Peace and Love and Happiness to you all. Hope to hear from you, hug you or shake your hand.

A Shot of Bluz with a Rock-n-Roll Chaser


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  • Stephen Monroe
    Pic of Stephen Monroe
    Role / Instrument:
    Singer, song writer, acoustic, electric, slide, lead and bass player and writer of parts. Back ground and harmonies. Recording engineer, producer
    The British Invasion, Southern Rock, all the Blues, Rock-n-Roll, Soul Music, Woodstock, great old country, singer song writers
    Favorite Bands:
    Allman Brothers, Skynyrd, ZZ Top, The Band, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Rory Gallagher, John Prine, Tommy Emmanuel, Bubble Puppy, Charlie Robison, Junior Brown, Muddy Waters, Cream, Guy Clark, Jerry Jeff Walker, Townes Van Zant



  • Prairie
  • Pizza for Colon Cancer Awareness
  • Playing at Prairie Crossing
  • Dr. Webb and Me
  • Banquet Brothers Porch Music
  • Colon Cancer Awareness Poster
  • Soaring Wings on the Patio
  • Boxer 500 - Team Logo
  • The Banquet Brothers
  • Taco Tuesday at The Emerald Isle Imogene, IA
  • With Steve King of 105.9 FM Bottoms Up Colon Cancer Awareness Show
  • MS Walk in Lincoln, NE
  • Sunshine
  • In the Old Market
  • Fund raiser Saturday Night for The Benson Community Garden. A little chilly but the people were wonderful.....had a ball!!
  • Mr. Monroe
  • My 3rd year of playing for these wonderful people that all came out to support Colon Cancer Awareness. I am a 4 year survivor so this means loads to me
  • In a Field
  • My second band I was in..GRAYZ
  • Opening for Voodoo Method
  • The Bridge
  • Out at the lake for the Colon Cancer Awareness walk Run THE BOXER 500
  • Slanty Steve
  • Always Pretty in Pink
  • Me and Old Guit...stole twice
  • Groovin'
  • The Other Picture for Travelin at the Speed of Steve
  • Night Time at Soaring Wings
  • In the Shadows
  • Old Promo Picture


— Indie Music 10 Question Interview (Sep 11, 2017)

Stephen Monroe is a rocking, classic Blues-Americana artist based out of Omaha, NE. He is a talented singer, songwriter and guitarist. Steve sings across the genres and decades. Monroe delivers a truly authentic music experience, just a man and his acoustic guitar, singing the blues from a place that sounds confident and inspired; the performance is so intimate, he could be sitting right next to you on your front porch.

— Deer Springs Winery - Lincoln, NE (Mar 27, 2017)

Stephen Monroe - 'The Devil' Stephen Monroe is a rocking, classic Blues-Americana artist based out of Omaha, NE. He is a talented singer, songwriter and guitarist. Monroe first began his musical journey as a part of a band straight out of high school, but as the years rolled by he realized that it was time to step away and go out on his own, writing music that called to him and playing solo gigs and radio throughout the region. Following his vision as a solo artist, Monroe has created music that is classic and timeless. With his song “The Devil”, Monroe delivers a truly authentic music experience, just a man and his acoustic guitar, singing the blues from a place that sounds confident and inspired; the performance is so intimate, he could be sitting right next to you on your front porch. Stephen Monroe’s “The Devil” is a classic blues jam. At the start of the song Monroe brings us in with a traditional blues guitar riff, simple and steady. He begins the vocals in a comfortable lower range as if he's starting a story, “The Devil won this one again. I opened the door and let him in.” The chorus is downright catchy and even though he's talking about the devil, it somehow puts a smile on your face and has a feel-good vibe. As we enter the first verse, Monroe proves his ability to rock with the best of them as he shows off is upper vocal register with growing intensity and passion. Monroe's guitar playing offers riffs, rhythmic pulses, hard and soft strumming, and melodic mimicking of the song's melody. The lyrics build with emotion as Monroe confesses, "I have no answers, not a one. My life has changed and so have I." “The Devil” gives off that live performance feel reminiscent of the traditional recordings of this style of music giving Monroe a classic sound that will be loved by many. It's a great find for anyone looking for an old-school rockin’ blues song that is raw and stripped down. After listening to the composition of this tune, I realized that it could easily become a blues classic. I can hear it being played anywhere with blues musicians hopping in to play solos from saxophonists to electric guitarists and I can hear bass lines and percussion - and this is what good songwriting is all about. It's about writing a tune that others would want to play because when it comes to the blues - it's all about sharing the story and Monroe has written a classic blues tale about the a man and his demons that other musicians and singers will truly enjoy. And, of course, fans will enjoy it too.

— Bryon Harris (Oct 11, 2016)

Live music by Stephen Monroe A fun-loving and talented musician, Steve, sings across the genres and decades.

— Prairie Crossing Winery - Treynor,IA (Jul 25, 2016)

Great Blues in the timeless style with original lyrics

— Music Arts Monthly - Oceanside,California (Sep 10, 2015)

In an age where so many bands are reiterations on the same theme, Stephen Monroe’s “The Devil” feels refreshing honest. Full of true grit and soul, the song has a raw intimate quality to it. Vocals are straight from the heart. Kept to the absolute basics the fidelity is pristine. With the guitar as his only accompaniment, Stephen Monroe works with the acoustic sound quite exquisitely. No electric guitar is needed for Stephen Monroe’s powerful voice requires no electric accompaniment: his voice is electric. Possessing a clever sense of lyricism the song moves forward with tremendous energy. Stephen Monroe "The Devil" Audio Video Careful guitar strumming introduces the song. The song describes how the devil won this one again. The idea of how evil can simply get into a person’s mind bringing misery and woe always seems to ignore the temptation of evil. From here Stephen Monroe’s voice twists and turns in pangs of spiritual agony. By evil blinding the vision of the good it becomes easy to simply let demons wins. As Stephen Monroe builds his voice up the guitar grows in intensity. Kept simple the song builds up purely with tension, anxiety, and frustration. Letting things stay so remarkably clear the lyrics gain additional impact. At times Stephen Monroe’s voice tries to become triumphant against the unknowable forces of evil. However hard Stephen Monroe tries to shield himself from the temptations it becomes too hard to resist. Harking back from an earlier era, Stephen Monroe creates a story of conviction on “The Devil”.

— Stephen Monroe - "The Devil" review by Skope Magazine - Boston, MA (Dec 16, 2015)

Hi Stephen - Thanks for sending the CD. I was impressed at first listen. The tunes have a cool acoustic sound, but there is a bit of an edge that keep you wanting to hear more. I will be starting some airtime tomorrow on my show, cool music and thanks again. Brian Bourgoin, Music Director WCNI - 90.9FM - Connecticut College Community Radio New London,Connecticut PS - Around 8AM last Sat. (E.S.T!) I played They Said Yeah and had one caller liking the song and wanted to learn more (I sent them to your website) and requested it for the upcoming week. The music is very cool and it is great for me to be able to support real, honest music such as what you are making. Thanks

— Brian Bourgoin, Music Director (Feb 5, 2014)

Ponchartrain by Stephen Monroe from the album "Driving The Sky Highway" (4:15) -- Stephen Monroe specializes in that down-home type of Blues and Americana and though I know for a fact he doesn't live in New Orleans, I always think that he does. Ponchartrain doesn't help with my misdirected confusion. It's a wonderful song, and Stephen is at his best when he skews toward the uptempo range of his output as he does here. Ponchartrain offers a lean-but-burning musical simile that's soulfully satisfying, a comparison of an ex-love to a devastating hurricane that's archly witty. Phrasemaking aside, I can't get enough of Stephen Monroe's acoustic blues guitar either. Fans of Leon Redbone and J.J. Cale will find enough in Stephen's works to dig on this

— Jivewired's Mike Canter (Oct 27, 2013)

Driven by an acoustic guitar sound, this music is a true melting pot of delicious blue tracks, ballads and rock 'n' roll tinged songs. Monroe's first encounter with this was during a musical concert by the band where his two brothers Tom and David, part of it. After some wanderings in various local bands, chose Stephen lawful for a solo career. Central to an acoustic driven blues sound that with his voice floated through the eight tracks inspire. Single "Waitin For My Train" was previously released on the Big Dog Records label. The opening track, "Sorry I Lost Control" sounds like a very old record. She cracks nice like in the good old days when the decks were still warm. All other tracks are at a sluggish pace crescendo rising. Sure enough there's no downside to detect weak on this release, which actually dates from 2004. And this option is already an art on its own.

— Keys and Chords (Jun 6, 2011)



  • December 2017

    • 2nddetails ↓Concert for National Monuments

      Saturday @ 3:00pm

      The government wants to slash protections for 10 iconic national monuments and significantly shrink at least four of them -- Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante in Utah, Gold Butte in Nevada and Cascade Siskiyou in California and Oregon. This is a local concert to continue the solidarity that Standing Bear began to stop this unneeded disposal for profit ideology. I am glad to do a little to help save a lot
      1026 Jackson St
      OMAHA, NE 68102
    • 2nddetails ↓Saturday Night Music

      Saturday @ 7:00pm

      A great night of GREAT craft beer and some swinging tunes to go along with it!
      We'll have a real good time!
      111 Sharp St, Glenwood, IA 51534
    • 8thdetails ↓Friday Afternoon Club

      Friday @ 5:00pm

      MICRO BREW HEAVEN!! Over 100 beers, a great atmosphere and staff.
      Fun stuff for sure!
      16268 Evans Plz.
      Omaha, NE 68116
      Tickets: $0
  • January 2018

    • 14thdetails ↓Acoustic SUnday

      Sunday @ 12:00am

      Great craft wine and beer right outside the BIG O!! This is a great place to have a great time. Stop on out!!
      17111 S 138th St
      Springfield, NE 68059
      Tickets: $ 0
  • February 2018

    • 11thdetails ↓Winter Concert Series

      Sunday @ 1:00pm

      Just south of Treynor, IA a great rural setting to relax in and get some relief pared with their wine and offerings of local beers. Come and see what a wonderful world it is
      31506 Pioneer Trail,
      Treynor, IA 51575
  • March 2018

    • 2nddetails ↓Friday Afternoon Club

      Friday @ 5:00pm

      100 Craft beers and great bar food! Live local music. I'll be there from 5 to 6:30
      Address: 16268 Evans Plz,
      Omaha, NE 68116
      Tickets: $0
    • 17thdetails ↓St Patty's Day at Maloneys

      Saturday @ 12:00pm

      A Day when were all Irish! I'll be playing in the tent in back from Noon to 3 followed by more musical frolic later. GREAT FOOD! We had a blast last year. LET'S DO IT AGAIN!! The Bettins are wonderful people that know how to have a REAL GOOD TIME!
      1830 N 72nd St, Omaha, NE 68114
      (402) 397-0799
    • 24thdetails ↓Cellar Saturday Music

      Saturday @ 7:00pm

      A beautiful place outside of Ashland on exit # 426. This lush setting in a wonderful building is a must stop by place. They have done a great job making it warm, inviting and a pleasant place to spend your time and money
      1402 Dennis Dean Rd, .
      Ashland, NE 68003
  • April 2018

  • May 2018

  • June 2018

    • 2nddetails ↓Wabash Warm Up

      Saturday @ 11:00am

      There will be music, fun, M16 Sitting on the Stripe Photo Op, and a bit to drink
      Where the Wabash Trace insects with M16. Where Strahan used to a field
    • 8thdetails ↓Friday Night Music at The Station

      Friday @ 7:30pm

      Great place to eat and hang out to listen to great music. This place REALLY backs up live music for the area and is a sure thing when you're in the area. I'll be there June 8th from 7:30 until 10.
      901 Main St.
      Tabor, IA 51563
      (712) 629-2128
      Tickets: $0
    • 23rddetails ↓Parrothead Party - Jimmy Buffets Half way Birthday

      Saturday @ 7:00pm

      It's Jimmy Buffet tune time with the local Parrotheads again this year. Great Lounge in the "middle" of town. ESCAPISM will be practiced
      4530 S 84th St, Omaha, NE 68127
      Tickets: $0
    • 29thdetails ↓WRC Friday NIghts

      Friday @ 7:00pm

      A great place at the end of Brownville's main street. Covered with foliage and a great indoor setting too. I'll be there form 7 to 9 or later
      702 Main Street
      Brownville, NE
      Tickets: $5
  • July 2018

    • 8thdetails ↓Sunday Music Series

      Sunday @ 5:00pm

      A great steak and wine restaurant in SW Omaha. My first time there. I REALLY hope you come by!! 5 to 8
      16920 Wright Plaza, Suite 118
      Omaha, NE 68130
      Tickets: $0
    • 21stdetails ↓Lavenderstock

      Saturday @ 12:00am

      The annual festival when the lavender is in full bloom. Music and events all day. I'll be one of the acts playing on the farm in the Loess Hills.
      2278 Loess Hills Trail
      Missouri Valley, IA 51555
    • 24thdetails ↓Taco Tueday

      Tuesday @ 7:00pm

      On the Wabash Trace east of Malvern this diamond of a place is in the quaint city of Imogene and its a FREAKING BLAST to play!! A great staff, great food, great musically tasteful listeners. Its just plain F-U-N
      100 Railroad St, Imogene, IA 51645
      Tickets: $0
  • August 2018

    • 3rddetails ↓Friday Afternoon Club

      Friday @ 5:00pm

      Craft beer heaven to start. One of the best venues for live music in town. The food is so good people come out for dinner and don't drink beer!! Come on out we'll have a real good time!
      16268 Evans Plaza
      Omaha, NE 68116
      Tickets: $0
    • 10thdetails ↓Friday Taste Fest

      Friday @ 6:00pm

      NEW GIG!! A destination tasting room like no other, "The Hop Yard" is surrounded by fields of hops with beautiful scenery and a spacious outdoor patio. We’ve created a casual atmosphere that is both comfortable and inviting with large glass windows allowing views of the hop yard and the expansive setting of our farm.
      I'll be playing from 6 to 9. COME ON DOWN!!
      18003 Club View Drive
      Plattsmouth, NE 68048
    • 11thdetails ↓Saturday Night Music

      Saturday @ 6:00pm

      The winery has a restaurant too!! A lovely setting in the Loess Hills. Quiet, serene, nestled in the trees with a great atmosphere. So happy to be back
      1446 240th Ave, Thurman, IA 51654
      (712) 628-2020
      Tickets: $0
    • 12thdetails ↓Rooster Tail Ride

      Sunday @ 2:00pm

      Silver City will be a stop along the Rooster Tail Ride on the Wabash Trace on August 12th. I'll be either at the trailhead or in the bar in town. Either way it'll be a fun time on the old trail that afternoon!!
      Silver City, IA
      Its not that big
      Tickets: Sign up fee $ 40 for the 42 mile ride on the Wabash Trace
    • 19thdetails ↓Boxer 500 10th Anniversay

      Sunday @ 8:00am

      A walk/run for Colon Cancer Awareness for the whole family. Great Plains Colon Cancer Taskforce organizes the event. This is my 9th time playing and it's their 10th year. THE PANCAKE MAN TOO!!
      12356 Ballpark Way
      Papillion, NE 68046
      Tickets: Get a team together!!
    • 19thdetails ↓Sunday Evening Music Series

      Sunday @ 5:00pm

      A great steak and wine restaurant in SW Omaha. I'm back for some more fun. The food is delicious. Appetizers are 1/2 price from 5-6. Please come by if you can
      16920 Wright Plaza, Suite 118
      Omaha, NE 68130
    • 27thdetails ↓Monday Music

      Monday @ 7:00pm

      A song writers night on Monday with over 100 craft beers on tap! The food is excellent and Mars and Brent are keeping live music ALIVE and WELL in west O
      16268 Evans Plaza
      Omaha, NE 68116
      Tickets: $0
    • 28thdetails ↓Taco Tuesday

      Tuesday @ 7:00pm

      On the Wabash Trace Bike Trail, east of Malvern this diamond of a place is in the quaint city of Imogene and its a FREAKING BLAST to play!! A great staff, great food, great musically tasteful listeners. Its just plain F-U-N
      100 Railroad St, Imogene, IA 51645
      Tickets: $0
  • September 2018

    • 2nddetails ↓Acoustic Sunday

      Sunday @ 2:00am

      Great wine, beers, munchies and ME!! Playing for you from 2-5pm. 5 miles south of I-80 on HWY 50
      17111 S 138th Street
      Springfield, NE 68059
      Tickets: $0
  • October 2018

  • November 2018

    • 4thdetails ↓Winter Music Series

      Sunday @ 1:00pm

      A fabulous setting for a wonderful Sunday afternoon. They have made a homey cozy fun setting in the country. This is place you have to drop in on. I'm playing from 1 to 4. Please come by
      31506 Pioneer Trail Treynor, IA 51575
      Tickets: $0
    • 11thdetails ↓Sunday Evening Music

      Sunday @ 5:00pm

      Great restaurant setting for so drink, music and delicious food.
      Playing from 5 to 8 PM. Come on out
      16920 Wright Plaza, Suite 118,
      Omaha, NE 68130
      Tickets: $0
    • 25thdetails ↓Acoustic Sunday

      Sunday @ 2:00pm

      Beautiful setting over the Platte River Valley. Roomy inside with great views. Wine, beer, noshes or bring your own!
      Always fun and a great supporter of live music.
      17111 S 138th St
      Springfield, NE 68059
      Tickets: $0
    • 30thdetails ↓Friday Afternoon Club

      Friday @ 5:00pm

      100s of craft beers, great food and one of the coolest stages around. It has become a destination in Omaha for music, food and great beer selection
      16268 Evans Plaza
      Omaha, NE 68116
      (402) 575-9111
      Tickets: $0
  • January 2019

    • 12thdetails ↓Saturday NIght at The Cellar

      Saturday @ 7:00pm

      A beautiful lodge style winery where you can do tastings of award winning wine. You'll also enjoy a variety of fruit, cheese, meat, and bread trays available. Sit on our expansive deck with a glass or bottle of wine and take in the breathtaking views and listen to Stephen Monroe's eclectic mix of Americana music
      1402 Dennis Dean Rd
      Ashland, NE 68003
    • 26thdetails ↓Saturday Night at The Station

      Saturday @ 7:00pm

      A GREAT place to meet up for amazing food, drinks and LIVE MUSIC!!!
      901 Main St.
      Tabor, IA 51563
      Tickets: $0
  • February 2019

    • 3rddetails ↓Acoustic Sunday

      Sunday @ 2:00pm

      Beautiful setting right outside of the Big O. Munchies, wine and beer. Bring your own basket and enjoy the great vibe and LIVE MUSIC!!
      17111 S 138th St
      Springfield, NE 68059
      Tickets: $0
    • 8thdetails ↓Friday Afternoon Club

      Friday @ 5:00pm

      Growler USA is an American style pub with an emphasis on craft beer - dedicated to offering only American made craft beverages and a chef-driven menu designed to celebrate the unique flavors of each drink. With up to 100 taps of craft beer, hard cider, draft wine and kombucha, PLUS great food
      16268 Evans Plz, Omaha, NE 68116
      Tickets: $0
  • April 2019