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Nashville, TN

Stacey Blood

Most recording artists start out with a few vague ideas and spend years gaining the experience to define, refine and execute them. Blood has done the reverse: He grew up with a famous musician for a father*, then spent his formative years as a radio personality in the Dallas, San Luis Obispo and Fresno markets. The experience he gained, while observing the gradual ‘blanding’ of popular music, gave him some very specific ideas about what he wanted to say… and how.


While most creative artists peak, then slowly fade out, Blood’s career has been the opposite, more of a ‘fade in’ as his talents diffuse and expand to fill the ever-growing void in modern music. Blood enters into that void like a post-apocalyptic sculptor, filling the space with features of rock, Americana, blues, psychedelia and country. The result is a musical face that, though you’ve never seen it before, is instantly recognizable.

“He uses the same ‘paint, brushes and canvass’ as the rest of us… but with a completely different result. Stacey Blood is like Picasso for your ears.” - CJ Watson, Kerrville Award winning songwriter and acclaimed author

* A very abbreviated list of people Bobby Blood has recorded with or performed in support of includes: Chuck Berry, The Everly Brothers, Three Dog Night, The Doors, Michael McDonald, Tower of Power, Iron Butterfly, Steppenwolf, Poco, David Bowie, Glenn Campbell, Elvin Bishop





"Stacey Blood - Out Of The Box And Rarin' To Go"

— Music News Nashville (Jul 26, 2011)



  • July 2011

    • 16thdetails ↓Writer's Showcase

      Saturday @ 10:00pm

      Guest of CJ Watson
  • September 2011

    • 10thdetails ↓Writer's Showcase

      Saturday @ 9:30pm

      Guest of CJ Watson