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R&B, Blues, Country, Pop, Folk
Nashville, TN

Shannon Labrie

On Shannon Labrie’s debut album Just Be Honest, she kicks off the proceedings by staring down her demons and admonishing her biggest fears with “Secret,” a retro-R&B influenced song laced with vibrant horns. The young songwriter comes by her fears more honestly than most, battling a serious (and ongoing) illness at age 9 and losing her father at 14. She grew up fast, at first rebelling, then spending several years on a curious solo journey across the country studying philosophy, theology and writing songs. Now in Nashville, she’s readying her 12-song February 5, 2013 release with plenty of industry buzz, receiving compliments from The Lefsetz Letter, M: Music and Musicians, Kings of A&R and more.

Adept on the piano and guitar, the singer/songwriter says she was “raised on James Taylor and Lauren Hill. Music Connection has named her as one of the “Best Unsigned Artists of 2012,” and Labrie will be part of the iTunes Nashville Indie Spotlight including Brooke Waggoner, Matthew Perryman Jones, Katie Herzig and Mindy Smith.”

Perhaps the song that has gotten the most attention is “I Remember A Boy,” backed by soulful guitar tones that hint at Daniel Lanois. “…This track affected me. Made me believe like the great singer-songwriters of yore, maybe this woman has something to say. That in this crazy, mixed-up, shook-up world she can illuminate her story and people can relate.” Bob Lefsetz, The Lefsetz Letter

The title track is a lush and rich plea that would fit alongside a playlist that includes Carol King and Norah Jones. “Gettin’ Tired” showcases her penchant for jazz, a gift from her father who, “played original, complicated and beautiful songs regardless of the fact that he was never professionally trained,” she shares. In “Heartache of Love” Shannon showcases not only her talent on piano but also reveals her more intimate side, reveling in the feelings of love and loss. 

Despite many of Labrie's hardships, she has managed to find the good side in her infectious song “Love Somebody.” “When I am in my darkest moments of loss, doubt and pain, I am shown what it looks like to love someone and to be loved. My closest friends didn't run, didn't give up, and didn't let me sink. They stuck with me and brought me to the other side. I can only hope to bring that same message to anyone.”

Labrie’s original song, “You Found Me,” was recorded exclusively as a pivotal song in the movie (and on the soundtrack) for the major motion picture “Make Your Move” out Sept of 2013. She will be performing select dates in January with Malcolm Holcombe, playing solo at LA’s House of Blues Voodoo Lounge January 24th, SXSW week in March and performing at the annual NON-COMMvention in May.

“Thick guitar tones, a rich voice and sophisticated song craft are just the beginning for this artist, who won us over with her warm, fully realized recordings…strong vocals in every area and an appealing Grace Potter essence. It’s the song ‘I Remember A Boy’ that kills…devastating and beautiful.” Music Connection


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"This adept singer-songwriter knows how to get soulful. Her debut shows her vulnerable side with a vivid honesty that will make anyone swoon. Make way for the next Carole King, everyone."

— BMI Indie Spotlight (Feb 15, 2013)

Already in her nascent career, Labrie has proven herself an artist of uncommon talent, bringing a sharp pop sensibility to her soulful, jazz-tinged songs of stark and arresting candor. A difficult youth has something to do with the way these songs ache and shine, her battles with ongoing illness and the loss of her father at 14 imbuing them with an emotional intelligence and hard-earned grace that make Labrie feel part trustworthy friend and wise confidante, part sultry troubadour plying a burnished warmth.

— Nalia Francis - (May 16, 2013)

“these songs will get stuck in your head...’Gettin’ Tired’...showcases Latin and jazz influences, not unlike Carole King’s ‘Corazon.’”

— Music Connection - Live Reviews (Jun 4, 2013)

“Shannon Labrie’s debut, Just Be Honest, has healthy doses of R&B, rock, jazz and country. Shannon has a voice with a lot of jazz timing and influences in its delivery. The lady also has a way of becoming the song. On ‘Slow Dance’, Shannon peels the paint off the wall and gets the mind to wondering with her lines, ‘if you’re looking for fast, I’m not your girl, I was built to last. Just so you know, I love like a slow dance’. Whoa!”

— (Jun 5, 2013)

“This track [“I Remember A Boy”] affected me. Made me believe like the great singer-songwriters of yore, maybe this woman has something to say. That in this crazy, mixed-up, shook-up world she can illuminate her story and people can relate.”

— Bob Lefsetz – The Lefsetz Report (May 8, 2012)

“it’s the song ‘I Remember A Boy’ that kills…devastating and beautiful.”

— Music Connection, “Best Unsigned Artists of 2012” feature (Jan 4, 2013)



  • January 2013

    • 18thdetails ↓Malcolm Holcomb with guest Shannon Labrie - Birmingham, AL

      Friday @ 7:00am

      Opening for the legendary Malcolm Holcomb.
    • 22nddetails ↓Shannon Labrie at House of Blues Voodoo Lounge, Hollywood, CA

      Tuesday @ 9:00pm

      House of Blues
  • March 2013

    • 10thdetails ↓WRLT presents ZZ Ward and Shannon Labrie - Sold Out!

      Sunday @ 7:00pm

      Opening for ZZ Ward on WRLT's Nashville Sunday night Simulcast.
      Nashville, TN
    • 13thdetails ↓Jivewired: The AudioWall Invasion during Music Week (Austin, Texas)

      Wednesday @ 7:00pm

      Jivewired presented some of the best music at the conference.
    • 15thdetails ↓Music Week in Austin, TX

      Friday @ 8:00pm

      Music Week during SXSW on 6th Street.
    • 25thdetails ↓BMI Road to Bonnaroo

      Monday @ 9:00pm

      BMI's Road to Bonnaroo
      Nashville, TN
  • April 2013

    • 6thdetails ↓ATO Recording Artist Bobby Long with special Guest Michael Bernhard Fitzgerald and Shannon Labrie

      Saturday @ 8:00pm

      Opening for ATO Artist Bobby Long
    • 13thdetails ↓WRLT Music City Mayhem Finals

      Saturday @ 7:00pm

      Selected out of 300 bands to enter the competition, played in the finals
    • 18thdetails ↓Syncs and Drinks meet Film-Com Festival

      Thursday @ 7:00pm

      Invitation to play for Film/TV Supervisors and Sync companies
    • 23rddetails ↓AXS Live

      Tuesday @ 7:00am

      Live Concert event on AXS Live Television
    • 25thdetails ↓Shannon Labrie at Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles, CA

      Thursday @ 8:00pm

      So excited to play this iconic venue!
    • 26thdetails ↓WZEW's Road to Hangout Fest - Gulf Shores, AL

      Friday @ 12:00am

      WZEW's Road to Hangout Fest - Gulf Shores, AL
  • May 2013

    • 2nddetails ↓Key West BMI Songwriter's Festival

      Thursday @ 12:00am

      Will share 3 shows in the round during this festival. Very proud to have been invited to participate.
    • 11thdetails ↓American Songwriter and WRLT present Musician's Corner

      Saturday @ 3:30pm

      Great afternoon long festival in the park.
    • 14thdetails ↓Shannon Labrie at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC

      Tuesday @ 11:00pm

      Shannon Labrie at the famous Rockwood Music Hall
      NY NY
    • 16thdetails ↓Shannon Labrie in Philadelphia, PA

      Thursday @ 12:00am

      One of the cities best listening rooms!
    • 17thdetails ↓Shannon Labrie at The House of Harmony

      Friday @ 7:30pm

      Great new venue just outside of Pittsburgh, PA
    • 18thdetails ↓Shannon Labrie in Chicago, IL

      Saturday @ 9:00pm

      Chicago, IL
    • 19thdetails ↓Daytrotter Taping Session

      Sunday @ 12:00pm

  • June 2013

  • July 2013

    • 18thdetails ↓Shannon Labrie and Kate Myers in Indy

      Thursday @ 8:00pm

      First show in Indianapolis! This is a great listening room.
      Indianapolis, IN
      Tickets: $10
    • 19thdetails ↓Shannon Labrie in Terre Haute, IN

      Friday @ 8:00pm

      A great room in Terre Haute.
      Terre Haute, IN
    • 20thdetails ↓Shannon Labrie in Louisville, KY

      Saturday @ 9:00pm

      Looking forward to this return trip. One of the first venues we played this year.
      Louisville, KY
  • August 2013

  • September 2013

  • October 2013

    • 4thdetails ↓Murphy, NC

      Friday @ 9:00pm

      Great venue in the Mountains!
      Murphy, NC
    • 10thdetails ↓CBGB Music Festival NYC at The LIving Room

      Thursday @ 8:00pm

      Part of the CBGB Music Festival
      More details TBD
    • 12thdetails ↓Austin City Limits Music Festival - Austin, TX

      Saturday @ 12:00pm

      So excited we were chosen to play this!
      Austin, TX
    • 17thdetails ↓Shannon Labrie in Chattanooga, TN

      Thursday @ 9:00pm

      The Honest Pint
      Chattanooga, TN
    • 29thdetails ↓Hotel Indigo Writers Round - Nashville

      Tuesday @ 7:00pm

      Part of a writer's round at Jack Scott's Hotel Indigo Round
      Details TBD
  • November 2013

    • 1stdetails ↓"First Fridays in the Lounge" - Indianapolis

      Friday @ 6:00pm

      The lounge is housed among a plethora of art galleries, and artisans shops. Come have an art crawl with us!
      Indianapolis, IN
    • 2nddetails ↓Artists For Autism

      Saturday @ 6:00pm

      Only About the Music, Inc. (“OATM”) was created by music lovers to celebrate all musical genres. Strictly run by volunteers, we create a unique experience for the music lover – a chance to listen, meet and interact with artists in an intimate setting. We primarily support musicians that are independent, unsigned or not yet well known nationally, as they develop and grow a larger fan base. We remain loyal to these artists by attending local shows and purchasing their music and merchandise through legitimate channels that support their burgeoning careers.
      Auld Shebeen
      3971 Chain Bridge Road
      Fairfax, VA 20030
    • 15thdetails ↓Opening for Carbon Leave, Burlington VT

      Friday @ 7:00pm

      Opening for Carbon Leaf!
      1214 Williston Road
      S. Burlington, VT 05403
      Tickets: $16 advance, $18 at the door
    • 16thdetails ↓Opening for Carbon Leaf in Boston

      Saturday @ 8:00pm

      Looking forward to playing Boston.
      52 Church Street
      Cambridge, MA 02138
      Tickets: $18 Advance, $20 at the Door
    • 21stdetails ↓Acoustic Show in Birmingham, AL

      Thursday @ 7:00pm

      This is a fun venue, one of the first ones we've played, and we are excited for our return!

      Sharing the stage with Joel Madison Blount.
      Moonlight on the Mountain
      585 Shades Crest Road
      Hoover, AL 35226
      Tickets: $12
    • 23rddetails ↓Return to Chicago

      Saturday @ 9:00pm

      Excited to return to our favorite place to play in Chicago.

      Catfish and the Dogstars
      Vagabond Swing
      Shannon Labrie
      Jason Button
      3535 N Clark
      Chicago, IL 60657
      Tickets: $8 advance, $10 at the door
  • December 2013

    • 3rddetails ↓Nashville Indie Spotlight Release Party

      Tuesday @ 9:00pm

      Celebrating the iTunes release of Nashville Indie Spotlight with Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden, Korby Lenker, Jillian Edwards, Emily West, The Whistles and The Bells
      Nashville, TN
      Tickets: $7
    • 6thdetails ↓Ernie Halter CD Release Show

      Friday @ 6:00pm

      Playing Acoustic set to open for Ernie Halter's CD release show.
      Nashville, TN
      Tickets: $12-$20
    • 11thdetails ↓Birmingham Mountian Radio Christmas w/Michael Franti

      Wednesday @ 7:00pm

      Playing with Michael Franti, The Wild Feathers, and Judah and The Lion.
      513 22nd Street South, Birmingham, Alabama
      Tickets: $25 Advance Tickets
    • 13thdetails ↓Returning home to 12th and Porter, Nashville, TN

      Friday @ 8:00pm

      Shannon Labrie Presents:
      Line-up TBD
      Nashville, TN