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Broken Arrow, OK

Roots Of Thought

Roots of Thought is a group that was founded on a passion for not only music, but also life and all the mystery that goes with it. As far as their sound goes, each member of the band contributes their own sort of flavor that has birthed a genre all in its own.

Singer Tazmen West grew up writing hip-hop and rap lyrics due to the fact that: before the band he didn't have anyone but himself to help express his music. His natural flow adds that rhythmic element to the lyrics. On stage, Taz moves the crowd with his seductive voice and gypsy-like demeanor that keeps all eyes on him. His lyrics reflect the human unconscious desire to seek wisdom within, mixing it in with life experiences like love, loss, world events, and everything in between.

Logan Meldrum, guitarist, once said, "I just can't help it. Every single one of my favorite guitar players plays a Fender Stratocaster", and it shows in his playing style. Guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Frusciante, and Mark Knopfler have all had profound impacts in the way Logan expresses himself. Technology and pop music has also inspired Logan in his playing. Bands like MGMT, Alt-J, and Portugal. The Man have set him on a path to make the coolest, weirdest sounds possible regardless of the fact that the group has no piano player.

On to Tyler, the band's rhythm guitarist. Tyler's choppy, yet harmonious chord progressions help to hold everything together. Jack White and all his collaborative projects definitely rubbed off on Tyler growing up. But chords aren't the only thing this kid can play, as he writes many of the band's catchy riffs. Both Tyler and Logan had the same guitar teacher (Larry Robison) when they were early teenagers, although they hadn't met yet, so they have a unique connection when they play together.

Bass player, Nolen Zack, is a ball of fire. From groove-tastic slappin' down to subtle buzz-static, Nolen's talent is hard to match. His confidence on his instrument allows him to show off his strut onstage and bang his head for all that "dramatic affect" during live shows. Flea, Victor Wooten and Jaco Pastorius are just a few of the many bass players who have inspired Nolen the most in Roots of Thought's music. Needless to say, Nolen keeps everyone in-line all the while playing bass-lines.

Gavin Wendland, drummer, did it the hard way. He had his drumset stolen right out of the truck during the move to Tulsa as a kid, and has had a hard time holding onto one ever since. He also never had anyone to teach him except for the sounds coming through his headphones. This cultivated a unique, yet very unorthodox style of playing. Quick on the hi-hat, rollin' on the snare, and kickin hard on the bass drum is what you can expect to hear when listening to Roots of Thought's drums, and G-man is sure to get you dancin' by the end of the night.

These five gentledudes have been jamming like jelly since 2010, and don't plan on quitting anytime soon. They gig at bars and venues around Tulsa ranging from The Gypsy Coffee House to the Cain's Ballroom, and you won't be disappointed if you stop in for a listen. With their funky grooves and trippy nuances, Roots of Thought will leave you salivating and last but not least, wondering the answer to the question, "Who Am I?"

Some of Roots of Thought's "biggest performances"
- Rocklahoma 2013
- Tulsa Mayfest 2013
- Raw Artists Showcase "Marvel"
- Free Tulsa 2012
- Gypsy Arts Festival 2012 & 2013
- Waka Winter Classic 2013 (Cain's Ballroom)
- Edge Homegroan Showcase 2012 (Cain's Ballroom)
- Evo Fest 2011