Raw Blake
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San Clemente, CA

Raw Blake

Raw Blake
Human by day, emcee by night, Raw brings versatility to the mic. Living & breathing the 5 elements of hip-hop, while residing in a drinking town with a surfing problem, paved the way for Raw Blake's lane - Coastal Hip-Hop. Yes, he made it up, but you will eat it up once you give your ears a chance to listen. You can find Blake with his scags dug up in the kelp, most likely in the Pacific Ocean. If not there, spit a beatbox and he'll join the cypher in a minute!

Rock Scott
Waterman, drummer, & a real bitchin' party animal, Scott Stewart, will surely rock your socks. He is responsible for laying down all of those fancy drums & percussion, on Raw Blake's latest release- Fast, Cheap, & Easy. Don't dare him to do anything because he will do it, then he'll make sure you follow up with a dare yourself! Find Rock Scott with his shirt off, beating a drum. Or, with his shirt off, scoring some tubes!

Plump Octave
Plump Octave, AKA John Fullwood is a San Clemente native with deep musical roots that have blessed the tongue and limbs of his bloodline. Plump Octave plays bass guitar, guitar, keys, and sings on Raw Blake's latest release- Fast, Cheap, & Easy. The ladies love him, the fellas wish they were him, and musicians worldwide wish they had his talent. You can most likely find Plump Octave with your ears. Chances are he will be serenading your GF or BFF at the bar!


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  • Scott Stewart
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    Role / Instrument:
    Drums/ Percussion
  • John Fullwood
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    Role / Instrument:
    Live Bass/ Studio Guitar
  • Ryan Mathis
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    Role / Instrument:
    Always killing it on the engineering
  • Raw Blake
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  • When I say "Raw", ya'll say "Blake"
  • John rocking the shit out of a dope haircut
  • Yes, it's true.. The world's best drummer records using GarageBand
  • What we're working with in the vocal booth
  • Winning the main chain
  • Rocking the Kress in Hollywood during its "Hay Day"
  • C'est la vie
  • The master in his dungeon!
  • I <3 Surfing
  • Front row's the only way to go
  • The most beautiful ladies always attend Raw Blake shows!!


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