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Russelville, AR

Nik & Sam

Our real names are Nikki and Samantha, but everyone calls us Nik and Sam. We've been singing as long as we can remember. By age ten we started playing instruments: guitar, banjo, Dobro, mandolin. When we turned eleven we experienced our first time on stage and we LOVED it. Performing live is just awesome...I love the adrenalin rush before we go onstage and jump around like jellybeans!

We are songwriters. We want to be known as real musicians that sing and play music passionately from the heart. We would love to be an inspiration to all .....young and old. If we can do it you can too! Dream Big!!!

We love all types of music and have so many influences it would take all day to explain haha We grew up listening to our parent's music which includes blues, classic rock, country and R&B. We're sure this also influences the variety of the music we play. So if we describe our sound its kind of country-folk-americana-bluegrass-rock .....Can you feel it?

We're 17 years old and live on a small farm. We've got quarter horses and love to rodeo. We also love to shop, listen to music, watch movies, and do anything outdoors. We love animals....along with our horses we have five dogs, numerous ducks, guineas and barn cats.

We absolutely love people and like to make them laugh.

Every time we're on stage, we always wear boots...any kind, we just love them! You can never have too many pairs of boots.

It means a lot to us when people say they like our thanks!!!

Love Nik&Sam

NIK:1. I LOVE ice cream…even in 10 degree weather! 2. I really enjoy thrift shopping a lot! I’m actually addicted to it . 3. Baking cakes in the kitchen is one of many things I like to do in my spare time. 4. My favorite holiday is Christmas! woohoo!5. I love the show Lost…don’t even get me started on talking about it (cause I’ll never stop) haha.6. One year at school, my sister and I felt completely like an outcast and ate outside by ourselves everyday.....soooo... that’s where we came up with our song “Stupid Game”.7. 3 things I can’t live without: guitar, ipod, and my sister.8. I love to just sit and watch people….you never know what you’ll see. It’s fun! 9. Big fan of animals! I have 5 dogs and 4 horses and ducks! wow!10. I like watching thrillers because I love the feeling of not knowing what’s gonna happen next!11. I’m left handed.

SAM:1. I LOVE dressing funky in many ways! I’m the more funkier sis.2. My favorite thing to eat is cookie dough even though i know you can get salmanila from the eggs! 3. I can never shower under 20 minutes.4. I absolutely loved The Notebook!!!! 5. Big fan of Lost…just like my sister! 6. If I could be anywhere right now, I would be on the beach with my banjo getting a nice tan! 7. Rock, paper, scissors is how Nik and I make decisions..oh yea!8. I have a collection of every shade of red nail polish(try to guess what color I’m gonna get next…red)9. I’m addicted to carmex.10. When I was young I wanted a ferret for a pet.....don't really know why?11. I’m right handed.


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