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Rock, Indie, Funk, Soul
Asbury Park, NJ

Midnight Mosaic

Midnight Mosaic is an eclectic collective of entertainers, whose original brand of Rock & Soul drives their audiences to dance and groove. Creating exciting rock-rhythms that expand to the outer edges of the genre; Midnight Mosaic combines energetic elements of rock, pop, soul, funk and dance-music to form their own infectious sound. The real magic within Midnight Mosaic is their ability to translate their own diversity and love of music into rhythms, grooves and good-times that audibly carry the warm & inviting vibe of six enthusiastic players that want you to join in on their party and share their experiences. Influenced, by bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Maroon 5 and The Killers this band is truly a montage of its members’ individual sonic signatures.

Midnight Mosaic is comprised of the combined talents of: A.t. Hunte (Vocals), Harrisyn Hartt (Keyboards/Synth), AJ (Drums), Dee M (Backing Vocals) Ant (Guitar), and Jon Skylark (Bass) Based in Asbury Park, New Jersey – this sextet have already gained the attention of some major players in the music-industry and have begun to collaborate with some incredible & inspiring talent for their current recording sessions.

With a brand-new single called “Outside The Lines” due to hit the internet soon in 2015, Midnight Mosaic has taken every measure possible to ensure their very best is what’s being recorded. Working with Grammy Award-winning producer David Ivory who has worked with notable acts like Halestorm, The Roots, Erykah Badu and the legendary Patti LaBelle; they have tapped Tom Coyne for mastering of the single. Tom Coyne is another Grammy Award-winner fresh off his victory celebrating his part in Sam Smith’s 2015 record of the year, In The Lonely Hour and hit-single “Stay With Me.” This adds to his 2012 victory for Album of the Year “21” by Adele. Tom has also worked with the amazing talents of Beyoncé, Adele, Pink, Taylor Swift, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Marc Anthony, Usher, Maroon 5, Maxwell, Miguel, Arianna Grande, Martin Solveig, Carlos Vives, Prince Royce, A Tribe Called Quest, One Direction, Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears to name a few. Surrounded by all-star talent both on the inside of the band and around them at the studio – Midnight Mosaic are primed and ready to take hold of their moment and never let go.

As they continue to play sonically diverse & dynamic live-shows to cheering audiences in venues throughout the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic region, the excitement and buzz building behind “Outside The Lines” has put these six hardworking musicians into creative-overdrive. The support for their music continues to grow as more music-fans discover the infectious sound of Midnight Mosaic leaving them inspired like never before and ready to make the moves necessary to make this dream their career. Putting their heart & souls into every tone and every note; the music of Midnight Mosaic resonates deeply with an audible-unity that echoes the warmth of familiarity, the true feelings of comfort and the energy & excitement found in the very best moments of our lives that we all love & share together.


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  • Jon Skylark: Bass
  • Ant: Guitar
  • A.t. Hunte: Vocals
  • Harrisyn Hartt: Synth & Keys
  • AJ: Drums
  • DeeM: Backing Vocals


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Walking past the stage during set up, one wouldn’t assume the members of Midnight Mosaic to be performing together, let alone be able to guess what they’re performing. A combination of rock, funk and everything in between, Midnight Mosaic has been intricately crafted to offer a unique sound. The Asbury Park-based band frequently performs throughout the tri-state area but felt right at home during their March 14th performance at New Brunswick's Old Bay Restaurant, the lively New Orleans-inspired bar and restaurant. The energy was at a constant high under the multi-colored lights that illuminated the stage and members in hues of red, blue and green. While the crown-molded ceilings of the southern-inspired restaurant shook. Their ability to adapt to different genres in less than seconds was extremely impressive. At one moment you were listening to funk, and in the blink of an eye it had smoothly transitioned into rock.

— Danielle Gonzalez- The Daily Targum Inside Beat Official student newspaper of Rutgers University in (Mar 25, 2015)

Midnight Mosaic is true to its name. The band is a mosaic of different genres of music, fused together to assemble a collective sound. If you are a fan of rock, pop, funk, hip-hop, and soul, then you will enjoy Midnight Mosaic. They could be offspring of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, with their edgy pop songs. The track “Old School” is sample of their sound suggesting a Kings of Leon inspiration. The lyrics, “I’m a renaissance,” repeat at the end, and a renaissance is a great way to describe the band’s innovative music. You may want to bust out your favorite Michael Jackson move, or a slightly more aggressive moon-walk, something from the likes of Alien Ant Farm’s “Smooth Criminal” cover, to this album’s danceable rhythms.

— Samantha Weinraub- That Music Mag (Dec 3, 2013)

Midnight Mosaic is a sublime hybrid of rock ‘n’ roll and soul. Listen to vocalist A.t. Hunte’s soulful and soaring vocals and then hearing the frenetic, groove-based sound the rest of Midnight Mosaic produces and you’ll be blown away. In some ways it reminds me of Living Colour but with more a danceable quality to it. Comparisons aside, Midnight Mosaic provides a high-energy soundtrack to any venue they perform at.

— Bill Bodkin- Pop Break (Sep 22, 2014)

Superb indie rock band but with a huge difference. Not only are the very talented but also very unique in the way that they combine pop, soul, funk and rock together, bringing out an awesome sound indeed. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is raw sheer brilliance.

— Scott-D- Rock Bandom Magazine (Feb 7, 2015)

Midnight Mosaic the self-described Rock & Soul group is an amalgam of most of the sounds you’d hear walking down South Street in Philly on a Saturday night. Pass any of the buildings artist Isaiah Zagar created as the clock strikes twelve on that walk and suddenly their name makes a great deal of sense. Holding it all together with sheer charisma, frontman A.t. Hunte simply rocks. While the Asbury Park rockers’ lack The Boss’ working-class storyteller aesthetic, comparisons to their hometown’s most famous export are not unwarranted, as the group holds it down for big, bombastic rock music at the local level much as he does at arenas, and their setlists and influences can be just as unpredictable.

— Dave Fox- Music Without Labels (Dec 1, 2014)

Starting out song one you’ll immediately understand the complexity of this album- “Right to Die” starts with a ripping bass line into huge hits followed by an incredibly complex drum rhythm that leaves me guessing for a few seconds how to even nod my head to the beat. Singer A.t. Hunte has a powerful voice that he seamlessly transitions into a soft falsetto where needed throughout the album which again help them to walk this line between what I would call hard rock and soul. Great production effects are used throughout as well utilizing larger than life harmonies, radio box vocal effects and a whole array of synths. Fire Work is a tough album to put a finger on, I can tell you for certain, this is a show you want to see live. Unless you prefer your music sitting down, I would make every effort to get to one of their shows because the music is fun. It’s fast tempo rock with aggressive musicianship. One I’ll be listening to for awhile to fully appreciate.

— Brad Sweet- A Site For Your Ears (Jul 3, 2014)

The DIY ethos of punk and the smooth stylings of soul are alive and well in New Jersey’s Midnight Mosaic. Pioneering the new wave of “rock n soul”, the band are a musical time machine, stopping in the early 90’s and the late 70’s, picking up odds and ends from bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Talking Heads, to name a few. The band goes above and beyond their influences, though. Listening to Fire Work, the band’s debut album, you are instantly taken by the way the band feeds off each other’s energy.

— Amber Bettis- Unsigned & Unleashed (Jul 23, 2014)

This album is full of good vocals, good instrumentals, and good lyrics which combine and work together so well to make a good album. Rock and Soul are two musical genres I never thought would go together, but Midnight Mosaic proved me wrong. They balance both so well and make their music feel like anything you have never heard before. As difficult as it was to pick, my favorite songs were “Abyss” and “Amnesty.” They got so many things right with this album that I am curious to see what they release next

— Paul Arca- Shake Fire (May 19, 2014)

Midnight Mosaic sent over their album “Fire Work” for me to check out and I’ve been playing it all day and loving every track on the album. This six piece band packs quite a sonic thrill and the 10 tracks on “Fire Work” range from in your face Rock ‘n Soul to creative masterpieces that cross multiple genres. A.t. Hunte’s vocals have such a range and soul and the rest of the band deliver powerful and diverse music that will entertain anyone who is lucky enough to check out their distinctive sound. I highly recommend you pick up a copy of “Fire Work” and get lifted into the stratosphere with the 10 amazing tracks. Bravo!

— VeryCool- Very Cool Tunes (Jun 24, 2014)

This is why I love writing for Alt-Post, because I get sent gems like Midnight Mosaic’s single Right to Die. I can honestly say I’ve never heard anything like their fusion of soul, rock, dance, and I’m not sure what else. I’d love to see these guys really take off.

— Jack Mousex- Alt Post Music Blog (Jun 20, 2014)

Expanding boundaries is never easy, often daunting, and usually necessary if one desires to stay relevant. Midnight Mosaic is innovative, fresh, new, and exciting.

— Vincent Iacocca- The Closet Concert Area (Jun 10, 2014)

From at least 3 separate promoters in the Philadelphia area, I have heard that you do not want to miss a Midnight Mosaic show. The musicianship and the energy on stage make Midnight Mosaic one of the most talked about bands in the area of recent.

— Dustin Dellinger- Gashouse Radio (May 19, 2014)

New Jersey rockers Midnight Mosaic are full of surprises on the 10-track ‘Fire Work.’ Each song it seemed would take a certain path, only to find that the songs had twisting and unrelenting curiosities. This band is tight and not even a fraction of air or mistakes gets between the notes. They have successfully created this amazing sense of fun (that I’m sure is even crazier live in concert) on record. Be sure to listen to all the tracks of the 10 on ‘Fire Work.’ They all give off special fireworks of music. I’m pretty stoked to have this collection added to my musical library. Solid A for Jersey’s Midnight Mosaic.

— Melissa Kucirek- Hot Indie News (Apr 15, 2014)

This sextet from Asbury Park, N.J. has all the essential ingredients of an explosive live band, and their new album Fire Work seems to capture that lightning in a bottle experience that most of us musician types could only hope for.

— Douglas Garnett- Skope Magazine (Apr 8, 2014)

The way that all these experienced musicians can meld together to create a full wall of sound is truly impressive. Overall Fire Work is a great album start to finish but even more than that everyone needs to see Midnight Mosaic live to experience the electricity that they provide.

— Indie Band Guru (Feb 8, 2014)

All in all Midnight Mosaic “Fire Work” presents an iconic sound. They are a rock band with more bells and whistles than you may think. Calling them purely rock is not a good thing, but it’s the banner that I’m going to cast. They flow through funk, rock, pop, and great lyricism to boot. What awaits for you on this record is 10 tracks of true music artistry. They are a gem in every sense of the word. All the pieces come together on this one, and should prove to be a launching pad for their career.

— Sir Jorge- Sell Out Records (Jan 27, 2014)

I love how Midnight Mosaic managed to meld all of their influences together and done so quite successfully. You can tell that they enjoy playing their music, and they have a passion for it as well. Listening to the energy that they put into the music in the studio, I can only imagine what they would be like in a live performance. Fire Work is a really good and innovative album, and I would recommend it highly to anyone.

— Elizabeth Vassar- MTM Music (Dec 17, 2013)

Midnight Mosaic has a rich and full sound. A hybrid of rock, indie and soul. Amazing production, vocals and instrumentation. Their music is timeless and this unit has the

— Vaughn Lowery- 360 Mag (Nov 30, 2013)

“Midnight Mosaic are an outstanding lively bunch of musicians who have awesome star quality give them a listen it's so worth it!!! They have what it takes to make a huge impression on the music industry they are entertaining & show spectacular talent, creativity, passion & uniqueness in a nutshell they are AWESOME with lashes of charisma & charm to boot!!”

— Nicola Davies- Psychedelic Fluorescent UK Blog (Dec 6, 2013)

Rock & Soul plus a lot of energy and good times is what you’ll find with New Jersey’s own ‘Midnight Mosaic’!

— Krystina Brown- Alternate Playlist (Nov 25, 2013)

The album, Fire Work is a must for any eclectic music lover!! This is high energy, solid talent and amazing start to finish!! Without a doubt a MetalDiva HORNS UP to Midnight Mosaic for their masterpiece of sound!!

— The_MetalDiva- Extremely Diva (Nov 22, 2013)

Midnight Mosaic have put a their spin on the modern rock sound, infusing it with a funk and a soul that just makes you want to get up and move. My Fair Lady is the perfect example of their

— Cat Hennebury- Cat's Litter Box (Oct 28, 2013)

"MidMo is a highly enjoyable band. Their diverse sounds, just like their diverse styles and looks, add a new dimension to music today."

— L. White- R.S.M Promotions (Aug 27, 2012)

“Midnight Mosaic brings something new to the music industry with a new cool, yet at the same time almost retro sound. It is this mix of the old and the new that will gain this band many fans in those that search for good drumming, guitar and lyrics in an industry that is currently flooded with bass drops and auto tune.”

— Laura Pulgarin- Eat Sleep Breathe Music (Jan 20, 2012)

"Midnight Mosaic has managed to defy all genres by merging elements of rock, soul, hip-hop, funk, old school R&B, and ambient soundscapes. With a forward-thinking style, they have managed to paint for their fans, a mesmerizing “musical landscape.” They tear down the boundaries of musical tastes and rebuild an entirely new canvas for you the listener. Their shows are intoxicating from beginning to end with high energy and passion. They deliver a show that keeps the crowd moving to the music all night and well into the early hours of the next day even! If this doesn’t scream “GREAT time!” you’re probably six feet under by now."

— Kayt Westerlund- Indie Music Reviewer Magazine (Nov 21, 2011)

Distinctive & unique 'AWESOME' band, a superb mix of genres & everything that is needed to deliver a great tune.Top Vocals & Energizing rhythm. Feel great music with the ability to grip the listener from start to finish. Highly intoxicating.. would imagine they are SENSATIONAL live!

— Coral Rose- Radio Presenter, Preston, Lancashire (May 12, 2012)

Midnight Mosaic has a creative pick and mix of genres that makes them unique. Indeed, it's nice to see different tastes/backgrounds combined into one band to produce something new

— Parisa Esalat- 106.6 North Manchester Radio UK (Apr 20, 2012)

Their ability to mix the genres of rock, soul, R&B, hip hop, and funk…shows that Midnight Mosiac most certainly live up to their name by combining these various colors of music at exactly the right time. The transition time. The moments between dark and dawn. And timing is everything.

— Tara Coppola- ART ~ FASHION ~ MUSIC (Mar 7, 2012)

“Midnight Mosaic with its hues, individuality, versatile musicality and subtlety of band members, injects glimmers of personality, rainbow shimmers infusing different genres to create unexpectedly captivating intrigue.”

— Chumki Banerjee- Mudkiss Fanzine (Feb 29, 2012)

"The band's awesome talent is on display as the musicianship pours out adding the perfect backdrop to the empowering lyrics. I'd definitely recommend this band to anyone who likes good songs that truly rock."

— Senseitional- I Am Entertainment Magazine (Nov 28, 2011)

"Midnight Mosaic resembles the kind of quirky, genre-mashing cohesiveness that makes groups like British act Bloc Party so compelling."

— Josh Davis-Sailsbury Daily Times and The Ocean City, Maryland Beah Comber (Jul 21, 2011)