Los Fabulocos featuring Kid Ramos
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Los Angeles, CA
Delta Groove Records

Los Fabulocos featuring Kid Ramos

Los Fabulocos play with enough energy to power a small fleet of lowrider vehicles. It's a fuel that burns full- throttle, ignited by the heat of soulful guitar and accordion solos that will make your heart bleed.

Anyone with even a passing fancy of American roots music or blues is certainly no stranger to Kid Ramos. Throughout most of the ‘80s, Ramos was a member of what is often considered to be the classic lineup of the James Harman Band, a group that performed up and down the California coastline and opened for such diverse musical acts as X, Oingo Boingo, The Blasters and The Plimsouls. Ramos left the band in ‘88 to begin a family, holding down a day job delivering bottled water for several years before eventually being coaxed back into music full time by Kim Wilson in ’95 as a full fledged member of the Fabulous Thunderbirds for seven years. Ramos released three successful solo recordings on Evidence Records beginning in ’99 and currently plays an active role as a featured guitarist in the critically acclaimed all-star revue, The Mannish Boys.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Ramos recently teamed up with vocalist/accordionist Jesus Cuevas, bassist James Barrios and drummer Mike Molina to form the CaliMex roots oriented quartet Los Fabulocos. The band is fronted by Cuevas, who spent a decade lending his talents on accordion with the East L.A. based group The Blazers, known for their rousing, danceable mix of rocked up norteño, cumbia, and other Mexican styles combined with blues, surf, and country music. Alternating between guitar and the bajo sexto, a type of 12-string guitar commonly associated with norteño and conjunto music, Los Fabulocos is powered by Ramos’ muscular tone and high octane delivery adding more fuel to the fire.

Los Fabulocos simmers up a spicy and tantalizing blend of traditional Spanish and Mexican music, Blues, R&B and Rockabilly delivered with sincerity, honesty and passion. It’s a special brand of roots oriented music that shares much in common with the south of the border stylings of such pioneering acts as Los Lobos, the Hacienda Brothers, and Doug Sahm’s Texas Tornados. “We mix it up,” Ramos explains. “We play songs in Spanish, then we’ll do a Fats Domino song, then we’ll play a blues, and then we’ll do a Buck Owens or Johnny Cash song. People look and go, ‘What?’ Then, all of the sudden, they just start dancing and having smiles on their faces.”

Los Fabulocos, Chicanos all, is the latest - and musically all encompassing - group to emerge from East Los Angeles, home of America ’s largest Mexican-American community and ground central for the musical and cultural revolution called Chicano Rock, that started decades ago and remains ongoing and vibrant today.

Los Fabulocos’ label (www.DeltaGroveProductions.com), the independent blues and roots music Delta Groove Records calls the group’s sound, “CaliMex” - music that fixes a strong Southern California groove into musical DNA produced from a confluence of a Mexican heritage, a Mexican-American upbringing and exposure to one of the most musically creative centers in the country. Home and neighborhood to Los Fabulocos.

Here, on the streets, fixed between various cultures, each with its rich music and traditions, Los Fabulocos evolved, first as individual musicians and now as a group.

Many different streams of music ebb and flow within the ranks of Los Fabulocos as a glance at the titles on the group’s CDs will show. From rock standards to recreations of material from classic Mexican cancionero singers, with nods to Doug Sahm, Lloyd Price and Rockin’ Dopsie. Added to this mix are Los Fabulocos’ own originals, again drawn from all these areas. Singing in English and Spanish, Los Fabulocos travel the rock, blues and Mexican routes, always laying down a good time groove. Fused together it becomes, as one critic noted “The quintessential Roots album of 2008.”  Fans of Los Fabulocos would not disagree.


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  • James Barrios
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    Role / Instrument:
    Bass & Vocals
  • Jesus Cuevas
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    Role / Instrument:
    Accordian & Vocals
  • Kid Ramos
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    Role / Instrument:
    Bajo Sexto, Guitar & Vocals
  • Mike Molina
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