Laurie Ann Layne
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Rock, Blues
Nashville, TN

Laurie Ann Layne

From Queens, NY, Laurie Ann Layne is a product of a musically diverse culture and has assumed an expression of versatility that has encompassed country, folk, rock, and rhythm & blues.Although very much a traditional New Yorker, Laurie Ann’s path in life took her to Nashville, TN. Quick attention and praise fell at her feet; she was asked to contribute vocals to India Arie’s Motown Records album “Testimony: Vol. 1 Life & Relationships” on a cover of “The Heart of the Matter” by Don Henley.    “It is very seldom that music comes across our desk here at Roots Music Report that has a fresh unique sound that creates a genre of its own. Laurie’s vocal performances are powerful and her style is unlike any artists that are familiar to us.” – Roots Music ReportLaurie Ann’s raucous and exprssive talents caught the ear of Nashville rock n’ roll artist Stacey Blood in 2011 and contributed to his song "Mirage".    “Her vocals are vintage man. For What I do, which is not “for children by children” music, I need those textures that have authority and no inhibition. She does it all. Back-ups, leads, textures, she’s an instrument of her own and she has enormous vision.” – Stacey BloodLaurie Ann is not only donating her voice to Stacey’s project but she even directed and shot music videos for his songs "Last Night's Dream" and "Millennium Blues".Layne and Blood have worked together on her latest singles "Local Honey" and "Find Ya Love" and are lining up dates in Nashville for this summer/fall.




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