Jivewired Records

Hey bands! Want to put out a vinyl and can't afford it? Let us pay for it!

We are putting together a monthly vinyl club for our fans with the first release on Jivewired Records set for June 2013. And we want your music on our records.

100 - 200 limited 7" or 10" pressings per month (no more than 500 ever). After our costs are covered, you keep the profit! This will be a subscription service, so all vinyls will be pre-sold. You will not have to sign over the rights to your music to us. Each month we will raffle off the test pressing.

There will be no charge to submit for this opportunity. And we'll accept all genres. If we choose you, we'd prefer analog tapes for creating the vinyl but will work with other formats. Your song doesn't have to be new or previously unreleased, but we'll be more interested in your work if you are bringing that to the table. We can even provide a download card in the release if you'd like (you will be charged for that additional service).

Each monthly release will include a set of real trading cards that feature each month's performers.

I'm sure we'll add all kinds of collectible extras as well.

But here's the rub.....

ONLY Jivewired members are eligible for this opportunity.

Stick around. Tell your friends. Pass the pie.
All Genres Accepted





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