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Seattle, WA

Eleanor Fye

Sometimes life takes you down unexpected roads. Eleanor Fye can attest to that, and her music holds the same surprises.

A genre-defying performer and writer in classical, jazz, and pop/rock circles, she views each performance as a step toward integrating a vast range of influences in her own unique way, For her, it’s all about the song and the story; whether a jazz standard done up along the lines of Tori Amos or Carole King, a Puccini aria accompanied by country-style guitar, or a pop/rock creation of her own, she delivers with passion and authenticity. Her original songs are spirited and soulful explorations of the tension between head and heart, grief and joy, hope and regret, belonging and independence. Laced with edges of folk, country, blues and punk, they offer solid, stick-to-your-ribs sustenance.

The voice is another thing entirely -- a smooth, golden ribbon of sound, capable of anguished, Raitt-ian growls, or angelic, Riperton-esque riffs. The voice heals as it humbles, and Eleanor herself seems to be the biggest recipient of both gifts. As a professional choral singer she has performed onstage under the batons of such renowned conductors as Mstislav Rostropovich and Peter Phillips (Tallis Scholars), and in the studio, has sung on a number of videogame and movie soundtracks (“Halo 3,” “Ghost Rider").  As a breakaway solo artist she suddenly felt songs coming on in 2006, and the next year followed her heart to Nashville to produce her debut release, “Drive,” with Grammy-nominated Jason Lehning at the board. On the wheels of her keyboard talents, honed as a professional since high school, she takes an audience down many a side road that’s much more interesting than the interstate.


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... she successfully used her classical, jazz and pop influences to totally enchant and engage the audience with her warm personality, personal songwriting and excellent vocals … I say keep an ear out for her to do great things. ~ Wendy Vickers

— Nashville Blend (Jul 14, 2011)

Her real talent, though, are the endlessly clever lyrics. Fye is a wise woman with a sharp tongue and wit ... She covers more ground both lyrically and musically than many singers do in a career, and she does so with poise and elegance. ~ Abbey K. Davis

— Musik Reviews (Jul 14, 2011)

Original and unexpected … utter authenticity. ~ Irene Graham

— So Tuned In (Jul 14, 2011)

The songwriting is intelligent, honest and relatable, thanks to the fact that Fye perfectly understands that we are all imperfect beings and she is not afraid to tackle some topics that are not always easy to address.

— PopCulture Guy (Jul 14, 2011)