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Tulsa, OK
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David Castro Band

David Castro Band (DCB) originated in the small town of Wagoner, Oklahoma in 2008. In August 2010, the band migrated to Tulsa to pursue bigger endeavors. After rigorously playing in Oklahoma and touring the Northern Midwest, and experiencing a few growing pains, their sound became stronger and tighter. Opportunities began to offer themselves leading to 2 more tours, playing venues such as Gilley's and Liquid Lounge in Dallas, Elbo Room in Chicago, Hard Rock on Beale Street in Memphis and more bookings at Oklahoma's own Eskimo Joe's and Nashville's Hard Rock. DCB has also received invitations to play festivals such as Rocklahoma, Bikes, Blues and Barbeque and Riverfest.

On April 14, 2012, the release of their debut album, Forward Parade, was met with great reviews and an expansion of their fan base. Forward Parade was produced by DCB and Hank Charles of Valcour Studios in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, who also served as engineer. The album was completed with the Grammy winning touch of Adam Ayan of Gateway Studios in Portland, Maine.

After release of Forward Parade, DCB has been blessed with television appearances, more invitations to festivals and bookings continue to grow. With another tour in the works and in the studio writing a follow up album, David Castro Band continues to grow both as a band and in popularity as they play more regional venues moving ever closer to becoming a National Act with a strong and loyal following.

"DCB combines everything from modern alternative and indie rock, with doses of British invasion style blues rock and (of course) our own Oklahoma-style Americana. The result is a band that can appeal to any open- minded fan of modern rock n roll. " Joe Mack, The Current

David Castro Band - David Castro: Lead Vocals/Rhythm, Jim Bob Lehr: Bass/Vocals, Dave Hickerson: Drums, Bryan Parker: Lead/Vocals


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  • Jim Bob Lehr
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    Role / Instrument:
    Bass Guitar/Backup Vox
  • Dave Hickerson
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  • David Castro
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    Lead Vox/Rhythm
  • Bryan Parker
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    Lead Guitar/Backup Vox




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  • November 2012

    • 16thdetails ↓David Castro Acoustic

      Friday @ 7:00pm

      David and Bryan in an acoustic performance.
      Tickets: No Cover
    • 30thdetails ↓David Castro Acoustic

      Friday @ 7:00pm

      David and Bryan in an acoustic performance.
  • December 2012

    • 22nddetails ↓David Castro Band at Max's Garage

      Saturday @ 9:00pm

      Come check out DCB as the full band returns to Max's Garage!!!
  • February 2013

    • 9thdetails ↓DCB at Hard Rock Nashville

      Saturday @ 9:00pm

      DCB playing in Nashville's own Hard Rock!
    • 15thdetails ↓DCB at Blue Rose

      Friday @ 8:00pm

      DCB returns to Tulsa for 2 shows since 2012!!!
    • 16thdetails ↓DCB at Ole Memorial

      Saturday @ 9:00pm

      DCB returns to Tulsa for 2 shows!!!!!!!