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Rock, Folk, Contemporary, Americana
Oklahoma City

Chris Morrison

I've been composing, recording music, and writing songs and jingles for many years. My studio, Wasteland Music has recorded the "OK Chorale", a men's barbershop group, Skye, Dr. Pants, Cosmic Seed, Loose Strings and many others. I have written numerous songs classical-orchestral pieces and several jingles, as a member of BMI. My first full album of songs “Free At Last!” was released with Paul Boyer under the name of Picassos Laughing. Although, I had been operating Wasteland Music Studios for many years, part time, when the opportunity arose, I opened a full time studio, Prairie Rhythm and Song Music Studio in June of 2004. My second album was one for kids entitled "Yahooooo!" and was released in Nov. 2004. My song “Push Away” written in 1995, won an award from the Billboard Magazine song contest, and another song “The Dawn” written in 2013 won the runner-up honors in it’s category in the Song-of the Year Awards.


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    Role / Instrument:
    Composer, Singer, Songwriter, Guitar, Keyboards
    Peter Gabriel, Pete Townsend, Mumford and Sons, The Call, U2
    Favorite Bands:
    The Call, U2, The Cure, Talking Heads, Coldplay, Pearl Jam



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