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Artists In The Plus promotes the music of musicians worldwide! With interviews & concerts with artists from around the world. We currently have over 1.2 million followers of our main Google+ page.

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Artists In The Plus brings you the best live music on Google+ with shows like "In The Spotlight!" and "Studio Sessions" and our "Concerts In The Plus" series.

You will also find music videos from musicians all over the world every week. You can +1 and share your favorites. Then at the end of the week make sure to check out the Top 20 Countdown on this page. Your +1's and shares of the posts determine the countdown.

Artists In The Plus is not a manager, Public Relations agent, or employed by these Artists. We organize and run a community of Artists helping each other and the community itself grow.

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Lala by Myrna BrazaArtists In The Plus CompilationPlay →
Still Wish by Sam BattArtists In The Plus CompilationPlay →
Stay Right Here by Lisa MarshallArtists In The Plus CompilationPlay →
The Last Real Cowboy by Eric DodgeArtists In The Plus CompilationPlay →
Blood Eyes Sunrise by Kristian JacksonArtists In The Plus CompilationPlay →
Hey Anthony by Sabrina SignsArtists In The Plus CompilationPlay →
The Loveliest Guy I Know by Meri AmberArtists In The Plus CompilationPlay →
Hanging Around by Laura MarieArtists In The Plus CompilationPlay →


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