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American Dreamers’ Biographies, Awards and Accolades

American Dreamers are an award winning singer-songwriter duo from the United States consisting of husband and wife Marcus and Christine Rap. Their latest body of work is their powerful seven song EP ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ The EP is a show piece for their own uniquely branded sound with influences such as pop, rock and folk/Americana. Versatile and with no boundaries, Marcus and Christine explore topics of breakup/divorce, marriage, love, verbal abuse, bullying, parenting, monotony and love of country.


• Winners of the Charter TV3’s Wootube, Video of the year for their heartwarming single ‘Precious Time’ (2012-2013)
• 2013 semi-finalists for song ‘Breath Again’ in International Songwriting Contests ‘Unsigned’ International Songwriting Contest (ISC)
• Three-time semi-finalists in the International Songwriting Contest (ISC)

Accolades and Press:

• “… music capable of eliciting emotion, intelligent discussion, and other forms of artistic appreciation” Mark Ashton, Journalist

Press Links

• "Area Couple Capture 'WooTube' Video Award"
Lauren Falco. Worcester Telegram & Gazette 20 Feb. 2013

Mark Ashton. Southbridge Evening News 12 Feb. 2013

• "Songwriters Rap Up Video of the Year"
Jennifer Grybowski. The Town Common 7 Feb. 2013

Individual Biographies:

Marcus Biography:

‘Marcus Rap’ is a Multi-Platinum awarded composer/Producer/Mixer and Multi-Instrumentalist and half of the duo ‘American Dreamers’. Proceeding a childhood of recitals, garage and school bands, at age 16, Marcus was discovered by world- renowned music producer Michael Jonzun. Mr. Jonzun recruited Marcus to work as a staff engineer for Boston International Music in 1988 where he worked on New Kids On the Block, Tommy Page, Bernie Worell featuring Keith Richards, Herbie Hancock, Bootsie Collins, Steve Gadd and more. Marcus later teamed up with late rolling stones producer Jimmy Miller co-producing acts and show-casing to labels in 1990 where he briefly acted as Jimmy’s personal manager prior to his last HIT with Primal Scream in 1991.

Christine’s Biography:

‘Christine Rap’ is an award winning American singer-songwriter-performer and half of the duo ‘American Dreamers’. She has a wide range of influences that include pop, rock, soul and jazz. At the age of 17, Christine caught the attention of Jive Records. From there she continued to work with renowned producers where she honed her songwriting, recording and performance skills. Christine is a natural performer who has opened for successful acts such as Maroon 5, Sarah Bareilles and Natasha Bedingfield. She has also portrayed roles in musicals and dramatic plays with some of the best actors in Massachusetts.


  • Marcus Rap
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    Multi-Instrumentalist, songwriter, singer, performer, producer
    Rock, Pop, Soul, Jazz
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  • Christine Rap
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    Role / Instrument:
    Singer-Songwriter, Performer, producer
    Rock, Pop, Soul, Jazz
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